Getting married in St Illogan

We will be very happy to conduct your wedding here in St Illogan Parish. You can choose from any of our three churches

How do I book?

By far the easiest way is to contact the Rector – see details on the contact page

Must I live in the parish?

In order to be married in our churches one or both should have some family connection with the parish, for instance, that you, your parents or grandparents lived or worshiped here

How much will it cost?

Fees for 2018

Please note that fees are revised every year. If you are not being married this year then there is likely to be a small increase in the amount you will pay.

The Marriage Service set by parliament and includes preparation, paying for the minister and church, and the legal stuff we need to do £441 £201 to help pay for clergy £240 to the church where the service takes place
Marriage Certificate technically this is optional! £4 If issued at wedding service; otherwise £10
“Banns of Marriage” called in the church where the wedding will take place, if banns are also called elsewhere then you may be asked to pay that church £43 £29 to the church where the service takes place
Organist this is optional, but almost all couples choose to have music £110 to the organist
Verger the person who opens the church, gets everything ready and clears up after you, they are there to help your guests during the service £50 to the verger
Additional Church Fee £75  for lighting, heating, cleaning, etc
TOTAL £709 

Optional extras:

Bells   (Parish Church only)





We ask for a deposit of £50 at the time of booking.

What if I’ve been married before?

If you are a widow or widower, there is no restriction on you being married again in church.

If you have been divorced and your previous partner is still living we follow the Church of England guidelines on the marriage of divorced people. If you wish to explore the possibility of re-marriage you may do so, though it will entail fairly detailed questioning about your previous relationship

Can I change the date or time after booking?

If you have to make changes after booking we will do all we can to fit in with your new arrangements. Often the most difficult booking to make is the Reception, particularly if you’re using a popular hotel, so it’s advisable to get a few alternative dates and times from them before booking with us.

Giving notice

It is usually necessary to give public notice that you are to be married. In the Church of England this is almost always done by calling your banns during a Sunday Morning church service. We do this three times, starting a couple of months before your wedding date.

If you possibly can, you should come along at least once to hear your banns. This isn’t because the Rector is trying to boost the size of his congregation! – it’s so that you can check that we haven’t forgotten and that the details are correct.

If we are calling your banns and either you or your fiancee lives in another parish, you must also arrange for banns to be called there. We can probably give you the name and telephone number of the person to contact