Parish Church Burial Ground Records (from 1895)

St Illogan Church records

These are not Burial Register entries – they are mainly based on the sextons’ records of burial plots in St Illogan churchyard. Recording commenced when the churchyard was extended in 1895. There are no records of burial plot locations before this date.


Inevitably there will be transcription errors, these will be corrected as they are discovered. Many of the original entries are indistinct and care was not always taken at the time to ensure that details matched those in the Burial Register. Where an entry is thought to contain errors a note is included in the final column.


Regrettably, subsequent interments in old plots have not always been recorded. Comparison with Suezan James’s list of memorial inscriptionscan be both fascinating and confusing!


Section A has however been cross-checked with the Burial Register and memorial inscriptions. Where there are inconsistencies between the data, this is noted. We plan to extend this cross-checking to section B when time permits.

A number in the ‘notes’ column denotes the reference number in the parish Burial Register

Records sorted alphabetically



Many graves do not have headstones, so to find a specific grave it is helpful to know the names of several adjacent graves, hence the inclusion the following lists. To further complicate matters, row numbers are not marked in the churchyard!  Our churchyard plan will hopefully get you started. (See below)

Records sorted by row and plot