Churchyard Nature Note with Andrew Tompsett

October 2015

Look at the world

Harvest time comes around again and we see fields and gardens yielding crops that we bring in rejoicing at God’s unfailing provision for us.

Many of us will recall bad harvests when a wet September soaked the corn fields and we wondered whether we really could sing “All is safely gathered in.” Thank God for the combine harvester which today gathers in the corn so quickly even if the damp grain needs indoor drying with warm air before it is stored. There will always be problems; blight, mildews and moulds, but we are so fortunate and unlike some nations we do not experience the trauma of droughts which may last years and frequent devastating floods which destroy everything.

At harvest festival we will be singing John Rutter’s lovely harvest anthem “Look at the world”, you may not catch all the words so I will pick out some of them for you to ponder over

“Look at the world, everything all around us
Look at the world and marvel every day
so many joys and wonders
so many miracles along the way”
“Look at the earth, bringing forth fruit and flower
Look the sky, the sunshine and the rain
Look at the hills, the trees and mountains
Lord of all creation give us thankful hearts that we may see,
All the gifts we share and every blessing, all things come from thee.”

Why not linger for a while in our churchyard noting the beauty of the trees with the breeze gently rustling the leaves. All too soon now they will be turning from bronze to brown and will be gone then we will be delving into the seed catalogues and imagining next year’s harvest.